3/4" Width No-Pull Training Harness

3/4" Width No-Pull Training Harness


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    This simple tool works with your dog's regular flat collar to teach polite leash-walking habits. Buckle the girth around the ribcage; bring the center strap up between the front legs and clip it to the D-ring on your dog's flat collar.

    By attaching your regular leash to the end of the center strap, you'll have extra leverage to quickly and gently establish that pulling is much less rewarding than keeping slack in the lead.

    Like all training tools, it's success is based on consistent use and positive reinforcement. View the instructions here This training tool should be used with a regular flat collar that has a fixed D-ring (not a choker or martingale-style) and a regular lead (not a retractable leash).

    Fits girth size 14"-24"

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    Pattern - $22.99