SSScat Cat Deterrent Kit

SSScat Cat Deterrent Kit


    Price: $39.99
    SSSCAT is an automated spray conditioning system using spray technology and a motion detector to protect indoor areas and objects from cats within a radius of one meter.

    SSSCAT device is a non-invasive method for controlling your cat's territory and behavioural problems. With this automatic spray that's odorless, harmless and stainless, you can keep your cat from:

    - Scratching furniture
    - Jumping on counters, tables, etc.
    - Jumping in the Christmas tree
    - Chewing plants and electrical wires or eating toxic plants
    - Entering rooms that are off-limits
    - Climbing on drapes
    - Attacking other pets (ex: fish and birds)

    How it works
    SSSCAT has two components: a patented motion detector device and a can of harmless, non-toxic spray. Each time your cat approaches the restricted area the motion detector senses his movement and releases a brisk spray of non-toxic harmless gas. The cat gets startled by the spray action and runs away. Your cat will remember this startling spray effect and will be deterred from returning to the restricted area in the future.

    Kit includes SSSCAT aerosol can, electronic motion detector, instruction booklet and warranty card.

    - Requires 4 AAA batteries (not included).
    - Repels cats for up to one meter (3 feet).
    - You can adjust angles of detection (15 possible) and spray direction (up-down, left-right).
    - The spray effect is sufficient to keep the cat away from the restricted area.
    - Each 4.6oz refill contains approximately 200 sprays.