The Gentle Leader

The Gentle Leader


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    Designed so that owners can communicate with their pet in a way they instinctively understand, the Gentle Leader painlessly and effectively removes the dog’s natural tendency to pull by placing gentle pressure on calming points and eliminating uncomfortable pressure on the throat. In addition to reducing a dog’s desire to pull away, the Gentle Leader is also a very effective tool in combating lunging, jumping, excessive barking and helping to calm an aggressive and/or anxious animal.

    Stops Pulling & Lunging - No more tug of wars, jerking or being dragged down the street - even children and the elderly can walk large or difficult dogs.

    Won't Choke - Gentle Leader® gives you control with humane restraint - pressure is applied at the back of the neck instead of the front of the throat.

    Prevents Jumping - Easily stops jumping and other unwanted behavior as the Gentle Leader® Headcollar helps you control your dog in a "stand," "sit" or "down" position.

    Not a Muzzle - When fitted properly, your dog may open his mouth to eat, drink, pant, fetch and bark - except when you pull on the leash to close his mouth.

    Controls Barking - Stop unwanted barking with a simple pull of the lead to close your dog's mouth - no need to shout or scold

    Small -> 5 - 25 lbs
    Medium -> 25 - 60 lbs
    Large -> 60 - 130 lbs
    X-large -> over 130 lbs

    Available in Black Only