Twistix Vanilla Mint

Twistix Vanilla Mint


    Price: $6.99
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    Small Stix
    Large Stix

    Dog Treat for Good Oral Hygiene

    Twistix� helps remove plaque, tartar and freshens breath using co-extrusion technology for Triple Action cleaning power. The green color has vanilla, peppermint, parsley and chlorophyll to freshen breath and the white color contains sodium hexametaphosphate, which cleans teeth by removing plaque and tartar during chewing.

    • Low Fat
    • Highly Soluble
    • Wheat Free & Corn Free
    • Triple Action Cleaning Power
    • No Added Gluten, Salt or Sugar

    Rice flour, soy protein concentrate, vegetable glycerin, water, natural flavor, cellulose, sodium hexametaphosphate, citric acid, chlorophyll, peppermint, parsley, vanilla.

    Small Stix - 5.5oz. bag
    Large Stix - 5.5oz. bag