YEOWWW - Green Fish

YEOWWW - Green Fish

Code: CAT-003-YCGF



Product Description

The makers of Yeowww!™ Brand catnip strive for the highest quality possible. That’s why we’ve been working with farmers since 1996 to cultivate the best catnip available – Yeowww!™ Brand catnip. Not only is it important where catnip is grown, but also how it is grown and cured are paramount. All Yeowww!™ Brand catnip is 100% Organically Grown, making a more potent, premium blend of leaf and flowertop your kitty is certain to enjoy. Every one of our Yeowww!™ toys is completely stuffed with it! We don’t use any cotton fillers and certainly none of the unfiltered, ‘toy grade’ catnips that could be full of contaminants and sold at a much cheaper price. Yeowww!™ Brand catnip stands out from the rest, and your cat will know the difference.

YEOWWW!™ Catnip toys are made in the USA out of a durable cotton twill fabric. Paired with the long-lasting effects of the strongest catnip available, our toys provide months, even years of enjoyment. They are not refillable simply because they don't need to be! It is that strong. Customers will buy one for their cats and inevitably come back for more to give as gifts to their other friends' cats!