Fruitables - Jerky Bites

Fruitables - Jerky Bites

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Product Description

Fruitables Whole Jerky Bites dog treats are a natural whole jerky dog treat. These grain free dog treats have the smell and taste of fresh cooked meats with all the goodness of rich, wholesome sweet potato and apples. These bite size treats are made from quality whole meat jerky, no fillers, no compromises. (Cats love these too!) 5 oz. resealable bag

Bite-Size Rounds
Hypoallergenic dog treat
Fresh from Fruitables organic baker
Grain and Gluten Free
Made in USA
Nothing artificial
Limited Ingredients

Turkey and Sweet Potato
Ingredients: Turkey, Sweet Potatoes, Natural Flavor

Duck and Sweet Potato
Ingredients: Duck, Sweet Potato, Natural Flavor

Bacon and Apple
Ingredients: Bacon, Apples, Natural Flavor

Directions: Intended as a reward, treat or chew not a meal replacement.