Bravo Healthy Medley Turkey Treats

Bravo Healthy Medley Turkey Treats

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Product Description

Want to treat your feline friend to a savory, freeze dried snack with nutritional benefits that can’t be beat?

Bravo Healthy Medley Turkey Treats recipe takes nutrition to a whole new level by including nutrient-rich organs as well as muscle protein. Since freeze drying (when performed properly) doesn’t degrade essential proteins, fatty acids or enzymes, all their original nutritive value has been retained in the most bio-available form for felines

• Raw, naturally raised turkey
• Raised without added antibiotics or hormones
• No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors
• Grain and gluten free
• High in protein
• Freeze dried to retain freshness, convenience and flavor
• Made in the USA by a family owned company
• Tested for food safety before shipping.
• 1.5 oz. resealable bag

Ingredients: Turkey breast, turkey heart, turkey liver, turkey gizzard.