Petstages Durable Sticks

Petstages Durable Sticks

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Product Description

There's nothing like the simple things in life to keep your pup happy, and one of these will always be a good chewing stick. But splinters and splits pose a health hazard for pups that love to chew and have resulted in many ER visits.

Petstages Durable Stick toys use an innovative material that combines real wood with durable synthetic material to create a stronger, safer stick. They're non-toxic and designed to break down over time into small shavings, giving dogs the reward and satisfaction of wearing it down. The non-toxic wood crumbles very slowly over the course of the chew versus splintering, making this stick 100% safe for your pup

* Natural wood smell attracts and keeps dog's interest for hours.
* Durable Stick toys are sure to keep your chewing dog happy and engaged!
* Non-toxic, durable material is safer than real sticks!
* Available in 4 sizes!

Petite - 4" in length - .5" in diameter
Small - 5" in length - 1" in diameter
Medium - 7 .5" in length - 1.5" in diameter
Large - 8" in length - 2" in diameter