Triple Crown Easy Glider

Triple Crown Easy Glider

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Product Description

What glides effortlessly through the air, floats in water, and withstands even the strongest jaws! Look up in the sky: it’s not a superhero; it’s a super flying disc from Triple Crown!

The Triple Crown Easy Glider™ is easy to throw straight and level, even if you are inexperienced. The unique design allows for it to glide through the air without taking sharp arcs and turns, as well as land gently, making it easy for your dog to follow and catch. Plus, it is made of highly durable soft foam that will hold up to being in your dog’s mouth without cutting or hurting him. It also floats in water for disc catching fun at a lake or beach!

Available in two sizes:

Regular (9") - $15.99

Max (11") - $17.99