RuffDawg Indestructible Dawg-Nut - Lifetime Guarantee!

RuffDawg Indestructible Dawg-Nut - Lifetime Guarantee!

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Product Description

The Dawg-Nut

It floats, it bounces, and it’s indestructible!

Dawg-Nut and Dawg-Nut XL are tough retrieving toys made 100% in the USA from premium FDA-approved solid rubber. Dawg-Nut is crazy-bouncing, and floats in water for fetching at the pool, lake or at the beach.

They come in bright neon colors for high visibility, so the toy won’t get lost in the grass or pool. Gentle on teeth and gums with a springy texture dogs love to bite. Dawg-Nuts can be strung on a rope for added throwing distance, or to use as a super-tough tug toy.

Ideal for teething puppies – Dawg-Nuts can take it! Weatherproof and washable for sog-free fun.

If your dog damages her Dawg-Nuts, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with a replacement guarantee! Just go to and follow their instructions.

• The Dawg-Nut -3.5 dia. for small to medium dogs under 40 lbs
• The Dawg – Nut XL - 4.5″ dia. for medium to large dogs 40 lbs. and up
• Made in the USA
• Recyclable
• FDA Approved