Earth Animal - (Zen Potion) Nature’s Comfort™ Potion for Dogs & Cats - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Dr

Earth Animal - (Zen Potion) Nature’s Comfort™ Potion for Dogs & Cats - Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Dr

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Product Description


Dr. Bob Goldstein's Nature's Comfort Potion is a blend of full spectrum hemp promotes calmness caused by environmentally induced stress.  And, it also helps soothe occasional discomfort and soreness.

Potion is a revolutionary oral tincture that begins to be absorbed the moment it enters the mouth, delivering quick and effective relief.  Other typical orals need to be processed through the digestive tract, sometimes taking hours before assistance is delivered to your animal.

Helps with: 
- Digestive and nausea issues 
- Anxiety, stress, fear, and phobias 
- Arthritis, joint, and mobility issues 
- Pain and inflammation 
- Stimulation of the appetite 
- Circulation 
- Cognitive functions

Active ingredients: 
Full Spectrum Hemp Oil with Naturally Occurring CBD

Other ingredients: 
Magnesium Chloride, Organic MCT Oil (from coconut), Natural Flavoring, Organic Sunflower Lecithin

Source Origin: 

  • Whole Plant Hemp Extract: Oregon
  • Magnesium Chloride: USA
  • Organic MCT Oil (from coconut): Sri Lanka
  • Natural Flavoring: USA 
  • Organic Sunflower Lecithin: China

1oz potion can be used on dogs and cats 6 months and older. 

Available sizes of Potion and recommended dosages:

  • 1oz bottle - 150 mg potion - for small dogs and cats 5-40 lbs
  • 2oz bottle - 600 mg potion – for dogs only 41 lbs and over

Directions for use:

ADMINISTER ORALLY once daily. Can be given with water or

directly in the mouth.

150 mg:

5-10 lbs  - ¼ dropperful

10-14 lbs – ½ dropperful

15-19 lbs – ¾ dropperful

20-29 lbs -1 dropperful


Dogs only: 600 mg:

30-39 lbs – ¾ dropperfull

40-59 lbs -1 dropperfull

60-79 lbs -1 ½ dropperfulls

80-99 lbs - 2 dropperfulls -

100-120 lbs – 2 ½ dropperfulls