RuffDawg Indestructible BIG Dawg - Lifetime Guarantee!

RuffDawg Indestructible BIG Dawg - Lifetime Guarantee!

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Product Description

NEW! The BIG Dawg - it's the toughest toy yet!

It floats, it bounces, and it’s indestructible!

The BIG Dawg toy is a heavy duty, solid rubber, barbell shaped toy that bounces, floats and has a lifetime guarantee! It comes in 2 sizes and an assortment of bright neon colors.

These indestructible toys float, bounce and take serious abuse during heavy play, but stay gentle on teeth and gums, so the retreiving can go on and on!

If your dog damages her Big Dawg toy, don’t panic, we’ve got you covered with a replacement guarantee! Just go to  and follow their instructions.

• The Big Dawg 6″ x 2.5 dia. for small to medium dogs under 40 lbs
• The Big Dawg XL 8.5″ x 3.5 dia. for medium to large dogs 40 lbs. and up
• Made in the USA
• Recyclable
• FDA Approved