Open Farm - Humanely Raised - Dehydrated  Pork Treats

Open Farm - Humanely Raised - Dehydrated Pork Treats

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Product Description


These high-protein treats are a tasty snack, thanks to 100% humanely raised pork, that is lightly cooked then dehydrated to maintain the flavors.

  • Humanely raised pork naturally raised on family farms in a cage-free environment with gentle handling, space, shelter and the ability to engage in their natural behaviors. The animals are fed a healthy vegetarian diet free of antibiotics and growth hormones.
  • Free from glycerin
  • Dehydrated at low temperatures to retain ingredient nutrients
  • 100% traceable ingredients
  • 4.5oz.
Ingredient: Humanely Raised Pork, Garbanzo Beans (Chickpeas), Molasses, Sunflower lecithin, Sea salt, Mixed tocopherols (a natural preservative), Rosemary extract.