West Paw Jive - Made in the USA

West Paw Jive - Made in the USA

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Product Description

Other dog chew toys can be hard on dog's teeth, but even though Jive is guaranteed strong, this ball also bounces, floats, and is gentle on dog's mouths. Yep, it is one amazing dog toy!

Jive comes in three sizes to fit any size dog. The large size dog ball is 3.25 inches wide, which is just a little smaller than the average softball. The small ball is 2.6 inches wide, which is similar to the size of a standard tennis ball. Jive also comes in a new mini size for small dog breeds that is only 2" wide, which is almost the size of a golf ball.

Since Jive is made from our extremely tough Zogoflex® material, Jive is so strong that it is guaranteed to stand up against dog destruction. If your dog can damage this dog toy ball, we will give you a one-time free replacement or refund.

The Jive Ball is healthy for your dog and the environment:
- Material FDA and EEC Compliant
- Nontoxic
- Buoyant
- Dishwasher safe
- 100% recyclable
- Made in the USA

Available in Tangerine Orange, Aqua Blue, Granny Smith Green

Available Sizes:
Mini - 2" wide (about the size of a golf ball)
Small - 2.6" wide (about the size of a tennis ball)
Large - 3.25" wide (a little smaller than a softball)