Snakebiter Rope Tug

Snakebiter Rope Tug

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Product Description

Mammoth rope toys make tug-of-war fun for you and your dog. With many different styles to choose from you can keep the game exciting with a new rope toy without breaking the bank. The rope fibers floss your dog’s teeth as they tug.

Tug-of-war is a fun, interactive, and physical way to play with your dog. Once your dog learns the appropriate way to play tug, a quick game before you leave for work can leave them relaxed and fulfilled for the day. It’s a powerful tool in training as well. A dog who can play excitedly then sit calmly on cue is a dog with immense self control.

The Medium Snakebiter measures 34" long.
The Large Snakebiter measures 42" long.

Assorted colors are chosen at random.