West Paw Zisc - Made in the USA

West Paw Zisc - Made in the USA

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Product Description

A floatable flyer that goes the distance, Zisc® is a must-have toy for active dogs!

More pliable than a hard-shell frisbee and faster than those made from fabric, Zisc is a perfect pick for trips to the park, yard or water. Flexible material makes this dog frisbee gentle on soft mouths and easy to pick up. In the world of frisbee-style dog toys, Zisc flies to the top.

Made with durable and buoyant Zogoflex material, Zisc is guaranteed against dog damage. While the Zisc dog toy is not designed to be a chew toy, it is designed to withstand as much active play as dogs can dish out while playing frisbee. If a dog manages to damage this or any of our Zogoflex dog toys, we offer a one-time free replacement or refund. Beyond Zogoflex’s guarantee, many people are true fans of this family of durable toys because dogs love them.

The Zisc is healthy for your dog and the environment:
- Material FDA and EEC Compliant
- Nontoxic
- Buoyant
- Dishwasher safe
- 100% recyclable
- Made in the USA

Available in three bright colors for easy spotting in water, grass or snow.
Tangerine,Granny Smith, and Aqua Blue

Zisc is available in two sizes, large and mini .
The mini size is a perfect frisbee for small dog breeds and those dog people who prefer a compact, go-anywhere dog frisbee.

Mini measures 6.5" in diameter - $12.99

Large measures 8.5" in diameter - $16.99