New! Cat It - Cat Scratcher Bench with Catnip

New! Cat It - Cat Scratcher Bench with Catnip

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Product Description

Tired of Snowball scratching up the couch? Get him a bench of his own! 
The Catit Bench Scratcher with Catnip is a bench-shaped corrugated scratching surface that's perfect for satisfying your cat's instinct to scratch while stretching his muscles and removing the dead outer layer of his claws. 
The Catit Bench Scratcher comes with Catit's catnip; a dash on the scratching surface and your furry friend will be ready to play!

  • Provides appropriate place for cats to satisfy urge to scratch.
  • Durable scratching surface.
  • Includes catnip to increase interest.
  • Contemporary design adds style to home.
  • Measures 19 inches.