New! Cat It - Cat Scratcher S-Chaise with Catnip!

New! Cat It - Cat Scratcher S-Chaise with Catnip!

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Product Description


What's great for scratching AND a guaranteed way to add a touch of class to the living room? 

The Catit Chaise-Shape Scratcher with Catnip is a designer-decor-inspired cat scratcher made from long-lasting corrugated cardboard. 

It lets your furry friend satisfy his need-to-claw instinct as well as the need to destroy anything that looks like it shouldn't be scratched — all without breaking the bank. 

  • Provides appropriate place for cats to satisfy urge to scratch.
  • Durable scratching surface.
  • Includes catnip to increase interest.
  • Contemporary design adds style to home.
  • made from long-lasting corrugated cardboard.