FYPO Pack Member Loyalty Program

Membership Eligibility

  • No purchase is necessary to enroll in Four Your Paws Only’s Pack Member Loyalty Program.
  • Member must be 16 years of age or older to participate.
  • Pack Member is responsible for maintaining accurate and updated personal information at Four Your Paws Only.
  • An email address is required for a member to participate in Four Your Paws Only’s Pack Member Program.

FYPO Pack Member Benefits

  • Paw Points – Our Paw Point program will allow you to “earn” points as you shop! Once you reach 1,000 Paw Points you will be rewarded with a kickback coupon for $5.00 off to be used on your next purchase.
  • Track Purchases – Can’t remember what kind of dog food you bought last time? No problem, we can look it up for you! Need an old receipt? No problem, we can look up your history and print out a new one.
  • Frequent Buyer Program – We offer Frequent Buyer Programs for most brands of our pet foods, some cat litters & a few other items. (Ex. Buy 8, Get 1 FREE!)                                                        
  • Earn Extra Bonus Paw Points! - Watch your email, our Facebook Page and/ or Instagram for the opportunity to earn extra Bonus Paw Points through non-purchase activities, specials and promotions.

Reward Issuance and Redemption

  • Paw Points will be based on a point value system. Each item in our store has its own unique Paw Point value. Once a Pack Member accrues a total of 1,000 Paw Points, they will receive a Paw Point $5.00 off one time coupon printed on their register receipt, to be used on their next purchase.
  • Paw Point coupon will only print out once and cannot be reprinted.
  • Paw Point $5.00 off coupon must be presented to the cashier at the time of your next purchase. Online customers- we will automatically deduct $5.00 off your next online order that is placed within 60 days of the issuance date.
  • All Paw Point coupons expire within 60 days of issuance date.
  • Four Your Paws Only is not responsible for rewards not received as a result of Pack Member's failure to provide an accurate email address and/or update Pack Member's personal information.
  • Paw Point coupon shall only be applied for purchases equal to or greater than $5.
  • Paw Point coupon cannot be redeemed in full or in part for cash or gift certificates.
  • Four Your Paws Only is not responsible for lost or stolen Paw Point coupon.
  • If a Pack Member believes his or her eligible purchase was incorrectly applied toward earning Paw Points, please call and speak to a manager within 60 days from the date of activity.
  • Paw Point $5.00 off coupon can be used on your next entire purchase excluding tax (where applicable), shipping, gift certificates, discounts and coupons.

General Terms & Conditions

  • Paw Points are only eligible on in-store and online purchases.
  • Pack Members must ensure that his/her Pack Member name or number is provided at the point of checkout in order to receive credit for the purchase.
  • Paw Points’ coupons cannot be combined.
  • Paw Points are not assignable, saleable, transferable, replaceable or redeemable for cash, other than as stated herein.
  • Four Your Paws Only maintains the right to terminate Pack Members or change rules at any time.
  • Member is solely responsible for all federal, state and local taxes, where applicable.
  • Paw Points initially earned on an item which is returned will be deducted in the period of the return. Returns may cause a negative FYPO Paw Point balance.
  • Shipping costs resulting from in-store and/or online transactions are not eligible to be applied towards Paw Points.
  • FYPO Gift Certificate purchases are not eligible to be applied towards Paw Points.
  • Additional Paw Points can be earned through non-purchase activities and/or promotions.

Cancellation and Termination Policy

  • Four Your Paws Only may terminate the FYPO Pack Membership Program and FYPO Paw Points Program at any time.
  • Upon termination of the Program, FYPO Pack Members will forfeit any inactivated rewards.

Modification of Program Policy

  • Four Your Paws Only reserves the right to end or modify the FYPO Pack Membership Program and FYPO Paw Points Program at any time without notice.
  • Terms and Conditions for the Program will be posted on Four Your Paws Only’s website at fouryourpawsonly.com
  • Changes to the Program terms and conditions will be posted Four Your Paws Only’s website at fouryourpawsonly.com
  • Continued use of FYPO Pack Member's Paw Point Program constitutes acceptance of any amendments to the Program.

Release of Liability or Limited Liability

  • FYPO Pack Member releases Four Your Paws Only LLC, and affiliate entities, and their respective officers, directors, employees and agents from and against any and all liability relating to FYPO Pack Membership or this agreement.

Governing Law and Arbitration

This Agreement shall be governed by and construed under the substantive laws of the state of New Hampshire, without reference to conflict-of-laws.