About Our Pet Bakery

Our Bakery history…

Four Your Paws Only opened its doors back in 1994. Several years later we began to notice a rising trend in pet treats. As pet owners began to look at their pets more and more as family members the demand for more natural treats grew. As pet bakery treats began to hit the market, we decided to bring in an antique bakery case in which to display treats in. Over time found it difficult to rely on commercial suppliers and often our orders would come in late or with damaged & broken cookies. We then decided to start making our own treats so that we could bake them as needed and not have to depend on others. It was a huge hit with our customers!

In the spring of 2009, Four Your Paws Only moved to a new larger location with better parking and added an actual functional, working kitchen within our retail store to accommodate the growing demands of our bakery products.

This new and exciting concept has been very well received by the many pets who come to visit us with their owners. We all would like to know where our pets’ food and treats are coming from so we designed our bakery to give owners peace of mind by installing large sliding glass windows so that you can watch as our treats are being made.


Our cookies and treats are still baked fresh to order and are made from scratch with human grade ingredients and we do not add any extra preservatives. Each cookie is hand cut the old fashioned way (with cookie cutters, not machines) and individually decorated also by hand in a creative style of our own.

After the treats are finished being decorated, they are then moved to our display cases and our antique bakery case which is prominently displayed in the front of the store. (Nose level of course so the dogs can see, ha ha.)
Our famous bakery case is always stocked full of a wonderful selection of seasonal themed treats and classic old favorites.

Our bakery treats make the perfect gift idea for doggie birthday parties, pet sitters, vets, groomers, other doggie friends, or just because you love your “best friend”.
We ship anywhere and special orders are always welcomed!

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