Best Sellers! Earth Animal No-Hides - Pork

Best Sellers! Earth Animal No-Hides - Pork

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Product Description

Earth Animal No-Hides are a long lasting chew that is a safe alternative to rawhide. This 100% digestible snack is all natural and features humanely raised chicken, beef, or salmon as the main ingredient. This meat is rolled and then baked with organic eggs and olive oil which helps provide a long lasting and flavor packed chewing session. No Hide chews can help promote good dental hygiene by gently scraping plaque and tarter off the teeth while your dog chews. Earth Animal Dog Treats are Proudly Made in the USA at an USDA inspected Human Food Facility.

- Safe and Nutritious
- Durable, Long-Lasting Chew
- Promotes Healthy Teeth and Gums
- Made with Real American Meat
- Manufactured in our USDA Inspected Human Food Facility
- No Chemicals or Additives
- No Bleaches or Formaldehydes
- Not Leather!

Ingredients: Pork, Pork Gelatin, Brown Rice Flour, Organic Eggs, Olive Oil, Banana, Bromelain (Pineapple)