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KONG Play Spaces Bungalow

KONG Play Spaces Bungalow

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    SKU: Jc_tents_kong_bungalow KONG Play Spaces Bungalow

    Total Price: $17.99

    Whether your cat wants his own hideaway or a play space to call his own, the KONG Play Spaces Bungalow Cat Toy can satisfy both needs. This tiny house just for your kitty comes complete with windows perfect for hide-and-seek, and a springy toy that appeals to your cat’s playful instincts. 

    Your kitty can curl up in this cozy spot all of his own for a secure and safe feeling. This bungalow’s collapsible design makes it easy to pack away and assemble in just seconds. Tight on space? The bungalow collapses down into a seven-inch circle that’s purr-fect for storage.

    • Bungalow doubles as a hideaway and a play space for your cat.
    • Windows encourage playful games of hide-and-seek.
    • Springy toy encourages playtime.
    • Collapsible for easy packing away and assembles in seconds.
    • When collapsed, the bungalow is a 7-inch circle—easy to store.