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kin+kind - Kitty Ears Leave-In Cleaner

kin+kind - Kitty Ears Leave-In Cleaner

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    Stinky Ears? Yeast, swelling, mites, oh my! Keep your cats' ears safe and clean. Our water- and alcohol-free solution means you apply and leave in without causing stinky bacteria or irritation.

    • Remove Wax & Odors: Wet and waxy ears mean bacterial and yeast infections, bad smells, irritation, and lots and lots of scratching. Remove odors and waxy build up naturally with kin+kind Clean Ears.
    • Natural Ingredients: Fennel and lemongrass deep clean to prevent bacterial and fungal growth.
    • Easy Leave In: Alcohol and water free. That means no stinging and no water left behind that can grow into odor-causing bacteria.
    • Vet Formulated: Each and every Ingredient, including every essential oil, is vet approved to ensure effective and safe concentrations for your pet. Certified Leaping Bunny cruelty-free.
    • Made in the USA: Every kin+kind bottle is lovingly mixed, labeled, and shipped by the hands of our employees paid a responsible, living wage in our certified USDA organic facility.
    Vegetable glycerin, sweet fennel (foeniculum vulgare dulce) Essential oil, lemongrass (cymbopogon flexuosus) Essential oil

    How to Use:
    Hold above ear and fill ear canal with a full dropper of Kitty Ears. Massage base of ear to break up wax buildup. OK to leave in place. Apply weekly, or more as needed.

    Warning: never insert any object into ear canal.