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Harness Lead - Vaporwave (Purple/Turquoise)

Harness Lead - Vaporwave (Purple/Turquoise)

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    SKU: jd_harneeses_harness_vaporwave Harness Lead - Vaporwave (Purple/Turquoise)

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    The Harness Lead is a leash and harness in one that reduces pulling on most and is escape resistant. It is made of double braided polyester and has a strength of 3,000 lbs. Hand crafted in USA.

    • ENJOY CALM WALKS – The Harness Lead dog leash and harness set was designed with ultra comfortable materials to safely prevent your dog from escaping and pulling. Dogs are immediately encouraged to slow their pace by using their own resistance against the leash. These dog harnesses gently tighten around the chest only, not around the neck or armpits.
    • SAFELY PREVENTS PULLING – The Harness Lead no pull harness fits all body types. When properly adjusted, the unique design doesn’t rub underneath the arms, unlike other dog leashes that prevent pulling. Our dog walking harness naturally calms down dogs, allowing a more enjoyable walk for both you and your pup. As with all dog harnesses, please do not use it to tie out, jerk, yank or correct your dog.
    • ESCAPE RESISTANT DESIGN – The one-piece escape proof dog harness makes it impossible for dogs to get out of the harness. If your dog attempts to back out of the harness, the leash will tighten like a slip lead. Harness Lead makes the perfect escape proof harness for dogs with high energy and dogs in training. Do not leave dogs unattended as they are not chew-proof.
    • HANDCRAFTED IN THE USA – The Harness Lead dog harness was founded by a shelter volunteer who saw the need for a dog harness to prevent pulling and escaping in a safe way for both her and the different sized dogs in the shelter. Discover why this no escape dog harness is loved by dog shelters, volunteers, dog trainers and kennels across the world.
    • FITS ALL BREEDS & SIZES – It is very important to properly fit the anti pull dog harness to your dog so it gently tightens at the proper points and not around the neck. Align the movable black stops with the front leg for a perfect fit. When on your dog, the cushioned leash extends from 4 to 6 feet long. The Small/Medium size fits 14-40 pound dogs, and the Medium/Large size fits 40-170 pound dogs. Detailed instructions are included.
    • Small/Medium size fits 14-40 pound dogs
    • Medium/Large size fits 40-170 pound dogs.
    Watch video to learn how to put the harness lead on.