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Alcott Explorer Adventure Dog Boots

Alcott Explorer Adventure Dog Boots

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    Great for year-round use!

    The Alcott Explorer Adventure Dog Boots will help protect your pet's paws and pads all seasons of the year.  They provide a barrier for hot pavement in the summer, salted sidewalks in the winter, and any other types of tough terrain.

    These boots are made using heavy duty, weatherproof materials with thick rubber soles, and two velcro straps allow for a secure but comfortable hold without interfering with your dog's natural gait.

    If your dog has never worn boots before, it may take some time and training for them adjust to wearing them.  Start by putting on only one or two boots, then immediately engage them with praise and treats.  Let your pet wear the boots for short periods of time while inside, and build up to wearing the boots for short walks or while playing outside.  Eventually, your dog will learn that putting the boots on means that you're about to embark on another great adventure!

    • Two velcro straps contain reflective accents making your dog more visible in low light
    • Lightweight - allowing pets natural motion and feel
    • Vet-recommended for dogs with skin conditions and other allergies
    • Soft boot materials and gentle wrap around velcro provides superior comfort
    • Thick, rubber soles suitable for all terrains including pavement, gravel, snow, etc.
    • `Non-skid sole - perfect for providing traction on slippery surfaces
    • Able to be used indoors or outside year round
    • Comes in a reusable mesh bag
    • Spot clean the boots as necessary and let air dry.  Use mild soap.
    • The boots are a wrap around style to get a tight fit without cutting off circulation and the height typically lands right below the dew claw.
    The best way to measure for your dog boots is to have your dog stand on a piece of paper and draw around his or her paw. Then measure the width at its widest point. Choose the closest paw size from the chart.

    SizePaw SizeAverage Weight
    S 2-1/4"

    30-50 lbs

    2-3/4" 50-90 lbs
    3-1/4" 95-125 lbs