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Ruff Wear - Hitch Hiker™ Leash - Aurora Teal

Ruff Wear - Hitch Hiker™ Leash - Aurora Teal

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    SKU: jd_summer_hiking_gear_ruffwear_hitch_leash_teal Ruff Wear - Hitch Hiker™ Leash - Aurora Teal

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    The Hitch Hiker leash is a climbing-inspired adjustable-length leash and hitching system for ultimate connection versatility with your dog on the fly - from the crag to coffee shops and all the paths in between.

    The adjustable strap shines equally whether being used as the handle for a hand-held leash, waist belt for a hands-free leash, or wrap for a hitch secured around a single tree or post. And, with 12 feet of rope to work with, you can fluidly shift from long line to short lead and all points in between with the ergonomic HitchLock™ rope adjuster. It's designed for hands-on adjustment that acts as a braking system when the rope is under tension. A durable stow bag keeps rope tails contained, marking its unrivaled portability and utility as a hitch and leash combo.

    Much like the climbing gear that inspired the hardware and the mark of a trusted climbing belay partner, human participation is required. While the Hitch Hiker uses an auto-blocking technique to lock the rope under tension, slack must be let out and taken in by hand.

    Dimensions: Rope length is 12 ft (3.65m); Stow Bag is 6 x 7 x 2 in (16 x 18.5 x 5 cm), Waist Belt Maximum Length 49"

    • Adjustable, stowable strap for versatility as a leash and a portable hitch
    • Can be used hands-free, hand-held, or secured around a single post
    • Ergonomic HitchLock™ rope adjuster with brake for hands-on, on-the-fly length adjustment
    • 12 feet of strong, supple, reflective kernmantle rope
    • Convenient and durable stow bag contains rope tail end
    • Light and strong lockable Crux Clip™️