Fields of Ambrosia - Bye Bye Black Fly Spray - Best Seller!

Fields of Ambrosia - Bye Bye Black Fly Spray - Best Seller!

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Product Description

Fields of Ambrosia’s Bye-Bye Black Fly Spray is a DEET free and alcohol free, all-natural spray that helps to repel pesky, biting insects such as black flies, mosquitos, no see-ums, and more when outdoors.

  • All natural ingredients
  • Does not contain any harsh chemicals
  • DEET free and alcohol free
  • Bio-degradeable & Eco-safe
  • Made in USA
  • Great for use on walks, hikes and other areas where black flies may be prevalent.
Spray lightly all over your pet and reapply as neeeded.
*Avoid getting in the eyes.

Ingredients: Water, Witch Hazel, Aloe Leaf Juice, Black Willow Bark, Eucalyptus, Lemongrass, Polysorbate 20, and a Proprietary Blend of Essential Oils.

*Do not use on cats.

Fields of Ambrosia is a local wellness shop that produces hand-made soaps, shampoos, and other all-natural body products for humans using 95% Organic & 99% Natural Ingredients combined with Essential Oils. Fields of Ambrosia makes all-natural pet products exclusively for Four Your Paws Only.