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Icelandic+ Lamb Horn - Med/Large

Icelandic+ Lamb Horn - Med/Large

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    SKU: jd_chews_ant_icelandic_lamb_horn_large Icelandic+ Lamb Horn - Med/Large

    Total Price: $15.99

    Icelandic+ Lamb horns are a very long-lasting natural dog chew and a natural alternative to rawhide or bone.

    These long-lasting, 100% pure chews are ethically sourced from free-range lamb in Iceland and are free of artificial flavors, additives and preservatives. 

    Icelandic+ Lamb Horns come in a variety of natural colors and range in size from 6” to 7” in length. If you are looking for a healthy treat your pup is sure to love Icelandic+ lamb horns are packed with flavor, but also full of keratin rich proteins to help promote a silky, shiny coat.

    If you have an older dog or dog with sensitive teeth, you can soak the horn in warm water to help soften it. Want to add an extra boost? Fill the horn with your dogs favorite peanut butter or yogurt.

    Satisfy your dog's chewing instincts with Icelandic+ Lamb horns.

    • Nutrient-rich keratin – not a bone
    • High protein chew. Naturally low in fat.
    • Helps support dental health - chewing helps reduce plaque and tartar as your pup chews every bite with pure delight! 
    • All-natural. No fillers, flavors, artificial additives or preservatives
    • Low mess, light odor

    Suitable for adult dogs 16 weeks and older
    Sizes: Medium to Large
    Chew type: Medium

    PLEASE NOTE – Always supervise your dog when eating any kind or treat or chew. Ensure that your dog has access to clean, fresh water. We do not recommend giving strong or aggressive chewers Lamb Horns because the chews may splinter. If your dog is chewing it intensely, take it away to prevent mouth injury.