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Seresto® Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

Seresto® Flea and Tick Collar for Cats

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    Seresto® flea and tick collar for cats

    Seresto® collar provides flea and tick prevention for cats that helps protect for 8 continuous months. This secure flea and tick treatment is not only effective but also convenient in the following ways:

    • Kills and repels fleas and ticks through contact — no biting required
    • Odorless
    • Non-greasy
    For cats and kittens 10 weeks of age and older of all weights.

    How do Seresto® collars for cats work?

    The Seresto® collar works with a unique polymer matrix of two active ingredients, which spread from the site of direct contact over the skin surface of your cat from head to toe, even the tail:

    • Imidacloprid has been used in products for years to control flea infestations.
    • Flumethrin effectively repels and kills ticks.
    • Flumethrin works together with imidacloprid to provide dual action against fleas and ticks. No other product has this combination of ingredients.

    Sustained release technology

    Seresto® works similarly to a monthly topical, but as the active ingredients wear off over time, a new supply is continuously replenished from the collar in low concentrations. The active ingredients spread from the site of direct contact over the skin surface.

    Elanco's polymer matrix technology is designed to slowly and continuously release the active ingredients for eight months, a duration that makes it clearly different from other flea and tick collars.

    How long does Seresto® for cats take to work?

    Seresto® kills existing fleas on cats within 24 hours after application. Once Seresto® has been on your cat for 24 hours, re-infesting fleas are killed within two hours. Seresto® starts killing ticks within 48 hours after Seresto® collar application. Re-infesting ticks are repelled and/or killed in as quickly as 6 hours.

    What are the design features of the Seresto® collar for cats?

    Seresto® cat collars are designed with a ratchet release and pre-determined breaking point. The pre-determined breaking point is the zig zag area of the collar.

    If your cat is not used to collars:
    You might notice your cat scratching at the Seresto® collar in the first few days after fitting. Make sure the collar is not too tight to help ensure your pet's comfort. Rarely, mild application site reactions may occur such as scratching, redness and hair loss. These usually resolve themselves within 1-2 weeks without needing to remove the collar. Continue to praise your cat while they adjust to wearing a collar.

    How do I apply the Seresto® collar and take it off my cat?

    How to apply the Seresto® collar on your cat:

    1. Remove the collar from its packaging.
    2. Unroll the collar and remove the small plastic connectors from inside the collar, ensuring that no remnants remain.
    3. Insert the end of the collar through the buckle and loops.
    4. Adjust the collar around your cat's neck until it fits comfortably on them.
    5. Two fingers should fit beneath the collar and neck to ensure it is not too tight. Any excess length of the collar beyond an inch past the loops should be cut off unless it is on a growing kitten, where some additional length may be needed for adjustment as the kitten grows. Also, make sure the collar cannot be pulled over the head.
    6. Check periodically and adjust fit if necessary, especially if you have a kitten that is rapidly growing.
    7. Seresto® comes with three optional reflector clips that can be attached to the collar to help keep your cat visible at night. The reflector clips should be evenly distributed on the non-overlapping part of the collar.